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Airnergy AvantGarde

    Airnergy AvantGarde - Designer Edition

    Top-of-the-range device for meeting the highest professional demands and delivering maximum performance, the Designer Edition AIRNERGY AvantGarde combines the proven quality of the Airnergy Professional Plus (4 activation units) with timeless fine aesthetics.

    4 Airnergy activation units 

    3-year guarantee

    Recommended application time: 20 minutes at least once a day
    First service required after 2,000 hours of operation


    Available in 4 different finishes: White, Black, Platinum and Crystal


    Avantgarde range

    Package includes:

    1 x Airnergy AvantGarde device
    1 x mains adaptor
    20 x nasal cannulas
    1 x glass bottle & element
    2 x air filters
    1 x instruction manual
    1 x nasal cannula storage bag

    Technical data: 

    4 Airnergy activation units

    Integrated colour light therapy (blue)
    LCD display
    Micro-controlled electronics
    Individual programming of session time
    3 intensity levels (50%, 75%, 100%)
    Automatic self-testing
    Switch on acoustic signal
    3-year guarantee
    Service after 2,000 hours of operation
    Power requirement: 12 V DC
    Power supply: 100-240 V AC / 50-60 Hz: 2.5A
    Power consumption: Imax 1,600 mA
    Air throughput: ca. 4 litres per min.
    Dimensions: 350mm x 125mm (WxH)

    Weight: 5.2kg

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