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A. Cundrick


After a visit to my GP I was offered yet more steroids and decided at that point that there must be another way. After quite a bit of research and reading the reviews on Airnergy, I decided to make the investment and purchased the Professional, and have not looked back!!

All in all, I would not want to be without my Airnergy now ~ what price do you put on your health and wellbeing?!?!


Dr. R. Simmons (retired NHS Doctor): aged 70


“…I researched and discovered AIRNERGY. Within days of starting… hills which I used to avoid when dog walking are now climbed, and the hill that I used to walk up on our cycle ride is not only pedalled, but I can unusually now beat my wife.

For me this has been a life changing experience, and I look forward to seeing how I manage next winter.

You have my complete recommendation.”


C. Hubert


“I am a retired male of 66 years nearly 67… About this time last year I was browsing the internet to find information, Dr Chris Steele was promoting this machine on a morning programme with Philip Schofield. I was very impressed with what was being said so I sent off to Biolife Solutions for the information pack and DVD, having read and watched all the information I decided to invest in one of the Airnergy machines. This has got be one of the best things I've ever done in my life, ... I use the machine every morning for 30 minutes while reading the morning paper and I feel like a different person,.. so much so, I have just invested in a tread mill to get rid of the surplus weight I have put on because of my inactivity over the past few years. Anybody reading this testimonial … I recommend you read up on this Airnergy machine, it's great. 

Get in touch with Chris Wright at Biolife Solutions.”


K. Harvey


“… son was doing some research … on the internet and came across an advert for Airnergy. After viewing the tutorial we thought “Why not!”
…we took a chance. To say that the effects were miraculous would be an understatement. After a couple of days I had renewed energy and felt like my old self again. Got that sorted – now for the knees!!  Thank You.”


K. Dardi


“I just wanted to let you know about my dad's progress since purchasing your professional plus machine 5 months ago…

Overall, my dad looks better; his skin is much pinker than before. … he can do so much more activity. He seems so much happier in himself and has got his twinkle back at the age of 76, which I thought had been lost forever.  My dad and I are both convinced that the improvement is due to your machine, which he has been using twice a day for 20 minutes. I bought the machine for my dad and it is the best thing that I've ever done!“


D. McSweeney


“…  I have now been using Airnergy eight months.  The investment was a bit daunting and I was a bit sceptical, but now I do feel as though it was a very good investment …. I have to say I feel much more alert, I feel Airnergy for two twenty minute sessions daily has greatly improved my daily life and I could not be without Airnergy now.”


G. Jones


“…I splashed out and purchased an Airnergy unit and started on two 20 minute sessions per day. Within the first few weeks ... I was better at walking and more able to carry on with my housework. I put the improvements … to Airnergy without which I would not have been able to do many things that had become beyond my reach. My husband and I recently purchased a narrow boat to tour the country and …I am able to assist in opening locks and enjoy the countryside with my family”.


A. Cross


 “… I saw Dr. Chris on the television demonstrating the Airnergy and this led me to purchasing my own which is the Airnergy Professional. I am very pleased I did.  Using the machine I found myself with a welcome awareness of well-being.  I felt better in myself … and even a feeling I could get around generally easier… 

…The bonus is so obvious that it is such a wonderful help with no negative side effects and I am so pleased I found it. Many thanks.”


M. Kirkham, age 58


“I have had my Airnergy for approximately nearly four months now, and it has been a god send for me, so I felt I had to tell you about the before and after changes in my life.

… we received an information pack and DVD. I spoke with Chris Wright to ask some advice on which one of the machines would be most suitable for me, and I was very impressed with how helpful he was, at the end of the day it was a question of which Machine I could afford at the time; I decided to go with the Airnergy Professional.

After using the machine for 20 minutes 3 times a day, … the improvement … was so drastic that many people commented on how well I looked … I have reduced my treatments now to two 20 minute sessions per day. I am able to walk my dog for a good hour every day; I go to Pilates twice a week, and recently I have been doing some volunteer work with children with special needs, all of these things were impossible for me prior to receiving my machine.

I travel back and forth to the UK and pack my machine in my hand luggage, I have had a few questions asked about it when it goes through the x-ray machine, but once I explain what it is they are fine at both ends. I did feel rather vulnerable about travelling with the glass bottle, so Chris very kindly arranged for me to have all the parts delivered to my UK address which makes life easier for me. So thank you Chris for all your help and your continuing support”


P. Goodwin, age 81


“…I have now been using the machine for 20 minutes, twice per day for the past 6 months and the difference is remarkable. I can now get upstairs without getting distressed and feel much better... I did dally for quite a while before deciding to take the risk and purchase a machine, being cynical of the many miracle claims that are attached to product advertising these days. My only regret is that I did not buy the machine much earlier, as it has made an incredible difference to the quality of my life …I am very grateful to you for making this product available.”


Jenson Button: 2009 World Champion Formula One Racing Driver


"I use the Airnergy system on a regular basis over a race weekend. It’s used before all practice sessions, qualifying and races in order to facilitate my performance. I feel it’s an essential part of my race preparation this year and take it with me all over the world. I also use it following tough training sessions to aid recovery and aid my next day performance."


M. Austen


“…One evening I decided to look on the internet … and during my session I found BIOLIFE SOLUTIONS - how lucky could I get.  After contacting you and getting information from you my Husband ordered an Activated Air Machine for me.


I received my machine the latter part of May - I was a little nervous but it is so easy to set up and use I need not have worried.  I have used my machine every day since we bought it …


In conclusion not only has it changed my life but it has also changed my husband’s life as he does not get so uptight that he is unable to assist me.


Thank you for such a wonderful machine”


M. & A. Bourne


…Although the price seemed high, we decided that life without good health is not worth living and so decided that as we would both benefit we would take a chance that our lives would improve.  We have never regretted this expenditure.  Before acquiring the machine we took the details to our local doctor’s surgery who were extremely impressed with the concept and encouraged us to proceed with the purchase.


I have always found it easy to contact you should I need advice and am extremely grateful for all the help you have given us.”


Mr & Mrs Chambers


“Although it has only been just short of three months since I received my Airnergy machine, it has made such a remarkable difference both to my life and my husband’s, I had to put pen to paper to tell you…


Anyway, I will stop raving about this little miracle machine but I did want you and anyone reading this to know; this machine does work and can help in many ways …Thank you for all your help Chris and for answering all the questions we have asked you.


Q. Mitchell


I have had my Airnergy nine weeks now and what a miracle it has turned out to be.  My husband wasn’t very happy about buying it, being pensioners we have to be careful how we spend our money.  … he thought I was throwing “good money after bad”.  Well now we know different!

Within one week of using it, full power 20 minutes twice a day I went to see my daughter.  She was so surprised.  My grey hair was shining and my skin, face, arms, hands etc were a healthy pink.  Before that my skin was grey.  I have an exercise bike which I had been unable to use for 2 years ...  Now I switch on the machine, get on the bike which is next to the machine and off we go.  Nine kilometres twice a day!  My legs are getting stronger and yesterday I walked with only one stick instead of two.  I can do my housework better than I could for a long long time, believe me life is so much better.  I saw a woman the other day who couldn’t believe her eyes.  After I told her about my machine her words to me were “I saw you last year and thought to myself – she is not long for this world”.  They were her very words to me.  How about that then!...Thank you so much.


Mercia M.S. Therapy Centre



“…At this clinic we try and follow a client centred approach which enables self-management and a holistic approach to assessment, including the use of specialist treatment techniques and specialist knowledge of appropriate resources.


Our Airnergy resource forms a major element of our combined treatment protocol.

We find the machine easy to use, it’s convenient and treatments can easily be organised around other sessions…”


J. Lovelock


“…I purchased a machine – yes I was sceptical but Chris Wright helped me to realise the benefits to be had to my condition.

  I would not be without my machine it is now my best friend.

Last week I met some friends whom I hadn’t seen since before last Christmas.  Would you believe they accused me of having “cosmetic surgery” as my skin was so smooth, and I looked ten years younger! (Can’t be bad!).”


L. Kellond


“I have used my Airnergy Machine since last September (now late May) I am extremely impressed. It has helped me to revolutionise my life.

…  I sleep better, my appetite has improved and what’s more I have lost weight!  I also have more energy to walk and exercise.  I have found that regular use really pays.  When I’m away from home; I notice the difference and once I’m back, using my machine again, I return to full strength.

I cannot praise Airnergy enough; I love my machine, thank you!”


A. Wreford


"Sorry it has taken so long to send our Testimonials for the Airnergy Professional Plus Oxygen Machine, Airnergy Stream. Both Frank and myself are exceedingly pleased with all of them. As a Masseur and Reflexologist Frank uses the Airnergy Stream a lot with great success...”


L. Ciuffoletti: Italian Violinist,  Age 48


My name is Luca and I am 48 years old. I was born in Italy where I perfected my skills as a violinist before starting a life of travelling and performing around the world... Demanding concert schedules, audience expectations, constant travelling, different countries and cultures, severe jet-lag are all factors that can become debilitating if our body is not strong enough: a titanic challenge indeed.


Many artists throughout history, despite their enormous talent and skills as performers, have had to give up their career due to their unbalanced physical and mental conditions. My colleagues and I have dreamed many times, during our career, to have a sort of “magic remedy” that would allow us to walk on stage in perfectly relaxed conditions enjoying the performance without any stress or concerns. Who hasn`t dreamt at least once of such a magic remedy?


Then, two months ago something happened, something that would revolutionise my whole life as a performer. I was … introduced me to a revolutionary new therapy: Airnergy Oxygen Therapy: a German made technology that was taking the world by storm. … After explaining my story to her …, she passionately insisted that I should try it for a few weeks as she was confident it would produce dramatic results, in terms of relaxation and concentration for an artist like me. I decided to give it a try and I was instructed to use it twice a day for 20 minutes. I did, and used it especially before my concerts: the results were astonishing. After over 30 years of performing as a violinist around the world, for the very first time I was able to feel relaxed and fully concentrated before a performance. I immediately ordered the best model: the AvantGarde. Airnergy is now, for me the most faithful and precious companion and I could not imagine my life without it. I use it twice a day and my whole body feels wonderfully balanced.


… Jet-lag and fatigue symptoms related to my demanding travelling schedule were also eliminated by Airnergy Therapy. The great healing power of this new and revolutionary therapy have also had a profound effect on other aspects of my mind as I have mentioned in another of my Airnergy testimonials titled: “The Sun Shines Again”.


I am now devoted to Airnergy as much as I am devoted to music and I could never imagine my life without it. Through Airnergy I have discovered a new and powerful way to be a musician, a musician to whom Airnergy offered the absolute privilege to perform with the most relaxed but reactive state of mind. Thanks Airnergy for changing my life, I now feel a complete violinist.”




Note: Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well being.


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