Training wear for VfL Saint Augustin handball team: youngsters receive their new outfits on 30 March

Thursday 30 March 2006

Training wear for VfL Saint Augustin handball team: youngsters receive their new outfits on 30 March

Alia and the AIRNERGY Atemluftstudio in Saint Augustin join together to sponsor clothes

(Hennef, 30 March 2006) Sport relies on sponsorship. It is just as well then that time and again local businesses have shown a willingness to help out young athletes in one way or another. In this instance 35 youngsters from the VfL Sports Association in Saint Augustin are the lucky recipients of such a donation. They play handball for the A and B youth sides and have been given new training gear. The companies Alia Architektur und Denkmalpflege and the recently opened AIRNERGY respiratory air studio, both based in Saint Augustin, aim to reward successful young athletes between the ages of 15 and 18. The B youth team were recently crowned district champions.

A highlight for any athlete is to be sponsored with training wear and it is something every one of them is proud to wear. And the fact that the logos of both firms are now proudly displayed on the backs of the outfits is a welcome bonus. Sponsors bring a sport better recognition.

This evening at 7pm there will be a ceremony to hand over the outfits to the athletes and their trainer Peter Ahrens. It will be held at AIRNERGY's main office in Hennef, the former headquarters of the Bernd Berger fashion empire in Wehrstrasse, now called 'In the Air'. The successful company promotes air, more precisely respiratory air. It has developed a technology which allows the oxygen in the respiratory air to be better utilised by the body. AIRNERGY, as many professional and amateur athletes know, gives you energy, makes you alert, focused and is an ideal training aid. Exactly what young handball players need, just like anyone else looking to improve their physical and emotional well-being. The best way to learn about something is to test it out for yourself, so anyone interested should go along to the air studio in Sankt Augustin-Niederpleis, Schulstrasse 15.

For further information ring phone: +49 2241 301 8569.

Visit for more details on AIRNERGY.

Dr. Renate Preising
Phone: (+49) 2242 93 30-19

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