Sports science embraces preventive medicine: Airnergy and SALUTO join forces

Wednesday 14 June 2006

SALUTO, one of the largest sports medicine service providers in Germany and Airnergy, the manufacturer of an innovative respiratory air therapy which offers comprehensive preventive healthcare, have joined forces. At the SALUTO base in Halle, Westphalia, located on the GERRY WEBER World site they have together set up an Airnergy Centre for Sports Medicine.

SALUTO, a national health and fitness centre, offers a diagnostic service (newly developed analytical procedures), therapy and training. SALUTO Managing Director and sports scientist Dr. Elmar Wienecke and his team have carried out examinations on thousands of athletes and look after some 700 clients from all professional backgrounds and of all ages at the centre. He sees a failure to focus on preventive care as the main reason why injuries occur. This affects all people but it is the frequency of injury occurring in professional sport that is particularly worrying and has continued to rise over the past 30 years.

Airnergy enables the body to make better use of oxygen which benefits all cells and therefore can be seen as a holistic means of prevention. This has been proven in studies ranging, for example, from people suffering from disturbed sleep to those with sleep apnea whose symptoms have eased considerably following treatment. The common aim of Dr. Wienecke and Airnergy is to create new, effective means of prevention. Since May 2006 the Hennef-based technology company Airnergy has offered its support to a preventive care plan unrivalled anywhere in Europe which SALUTO has been running in conjunction with the German Handball Federation and the North-Rhine Westphalia Heart and Diabetes Centre in Bad Oeynhausen.

The agreed establishment of the Airnergy Centre for Sports Medicine is based on solid foundations: the impressive results which Dr. Wienecke himself obtained through tests using Airnergy: His stamina increased within a short period of time by 15 – 20%. Others tested at his Institute found that when using Airnergy they experienced less hyperacidity in their muscles after intensive exercise. Findings which are causing specialists to sit up and take notice when it comes to diagnosing performance and planning training.

Dr. Wienecke, who is not just a sports scientist but also a well-established author and former German Bundesliga trainer, feels certain that this Hennef-based technology has huge potential. “We will test Airnergy in practice through a number of small studies and develop preventive measures based on the results. At some point a book will document the findings,” he stated.

That is some way off yet. More pressing right now is his wish that as part of the preventive programme run for the German Handball Federation the opportunities for regenerative and performance-stabilising care can be exploited to the full.

Airnergy Managing Director Guido Bierther: “Our focus is on practical healthcare, on improving healthcare provision through our technology. It is great that SALUTO is taking care of the sports science aspect of our collaboration.“

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