Hennef re-established as a health resort after 21 years

Friday 02 June 2006

Hennef Sports School is renowned throughout the world for its excellent training facilities. Argentinian football stars, boxing world champion Markus Beyer and numerous other teams and top athletes have come here for their final fine-tuning before tournaments and competitions. Now they and other guests staying at the training centre can also fill up on extra energy. This has been made possible by the cooperation between the Sports School and local technology firm Airnergy. Having been forced to give up its status as a “state-approved Kneipp health resort” more than twenty years ago, Hennef is now acquiring a new health resort at the local Sports School.

With an “energy corner” set up in the entrance hall or in a guest’s room for those wanting more comfort, athletes will in future be able to optimise their preparation time with an extra breath of fresh air. The process allows the oxygen contained in the respiratory air to be used more efficiently by athletes across a range of disciplines. The body uses the extra energy provided to promote better regeneration of the whole body – especially important after the strain of a hard training session. This quick recovery time allows the athlete to get much closer to their peak during these vital training sessions. Overall, both powers of concentration and performance increase as well as general well-being.

Following a live demonstration hosted by Hennef Sports School a few days ago, in which two apnoea divers from the Italian Olympic training centre in Tirrenia and diving guru Dr. Luigi Magno scientifically proved the effectiveness of preparation using respiratory air, the respiratory devices now provide a constant source of fresh air at the sports complex operated by the Middle-Rhine Football Association. But it isn’t just footballers who benefit from this extra energy boost. Since the Sports School also functions as the German national training centre for boxers and wrestlers and as the regional training centre for judo and weightlifting, many top athletes will in future benefit from the innovative technology introduced by the Hennef-based firm, including boxing world champion Markus Beyer who has long been a convert of respiratory air therapy.

Both co-partners are delighted with the new collaboration. Andreas Eichwede, Manager of Hennef Sports School says “Thanks to Airnergy we have another service to offer and can provide our guests with a more extensive range than ever.” And Guido Bierther, spokesman for the management of Airnergy, adds: “With the Sports School we now have a renowned regional partner boasting an excellent worldwide reputation.”

Unfortunately the German national team is not allowed to take advantage of this “legal doping” for the forthcoming World Cup. We can only hope that Ballack, Klose, Lehmann & Co. are successful in their attempt to become 2006 world champions even without this extra energy. If not, the DFB should look at paying a visit to the new health resort in Hennef before the next major tournament.

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