German Biathletes in a Flurry of Medals at the Winter Olympics

Wednesday 01 March 2006

German Biathletes in a Flurry of Medals at the Winter Olympics

Co-operation partner Airnergy congratulates the German national team and trainer Frank Ullrich on their huge success

(Hennef, 1 March 2006) With an impressive haul of 4 golds and 1 bronze, the German men's biathlon team made a substantial contribution to Germany's successful achievements at the Winter Olympic Games in Turin. As a long-term co-operation partner, Airnergy would like to commend the whole team on this unique performance.

The German biathletes have been using the Hennef company's inhaled air therapy for five years and trainer Frank Ullrich, himself a convinced user, describes the value as follows: Airnergy is seen as a significant part of the holistic care of our athletes. The inhaled air therapy has yielded actual results: from then onwards things really looked up, 2004 in Oberhof (39th world championships, editor's note) Frank Luck crowned his unique sporting career. He thus became the most successful biathlete in the world.
The team also dominated the international competition in the tournaments that have just ended in Turin. The result: there was a German biathlete on the winners rostrum in each of the five races. As a consequence, Frank Ullrich's team also became the most successful team within the German national side, which won the national ranking with 29 medals overall leaving the USA clearly behind.

The Airnergy health technology is not just well-known amongst top athletes, but also among managers, in hotels, fitness and cosmetic studios and among doctors, alternative practitioners and in clinics. As can be proved the oxygen inhaled with each normal breath is altered in a physical process in such a way that the body can exploit it much better. It is important that this is oxygen in the air, not additional oxygen or chemicals, but energy-rich air that can be inhaled.

The German biathletes have now proven the results that inhaled air therapy can produce. Characteristics such as rapid regeneration after tournaments, strengthening of the immune system and high concentration ability, are of particular significance among top athletes - and Airnergy supports them with its globally patented technology. Fleet-footed in the cross-country trail and high concentration at the shooting gallery; the German biathlon team took advantage of these characteristics, creating a real flurry of Olympic medals.

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