New World Record for Airnergy user Elmar Geulen

Saturday 08 September 2012

New world record:
Professional motorcycle racer and Airnergy fan Elmar Geulen does 330.43 km/h on a road-legal motorcycle.

Above all the 15th world record by "Mr. Hayabusa" Elmar Geulen should provide new knowledge about safety and driving physics for motorcycles. He drove his enhanced-performance Suzuki Hayabusa with a German road licence at a speed nobody had achieved before him. Geulen: "Essentially I am simulating what every motorcyclist with this performance capability could experience. The existing knowledge about driving physics and therefore safety aspects in this speed range in fact only come from a wind tunnel. A motorcycle and rider that are actually moving are subject to completely different influences – this should be researched."

For many years the professional racer has been breathing Airnergy to supplement his training regime. Does it help? "There is no doubt that my concentration is much improved. Airnergy also has a beneficial effect on my stamina; in addition it helps with regeneration – an important aspect for competitive sportsmen."


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