Friday 21 January 2011

Hennef, Germany (ots) – With immediate effect, Mrs. Susanne Klimpel, Medical Doctor specializing in clinic pharmacology is put in charge of the AIRNERGY AG Medical Management. The Spirovital-Therapy market leader thus significantly points again its future direction and substantiates the claim to sustainably strengthen the medical-scientific sector of the innovative Airnergy energy-therapy.

Doctor Klimpel brings in about 13 years of experience in the domain of clinic pharmacology. Her related expertise as first principal investigator for numerous national and international as well as multicenter clinic-studies phases I – IV predestinate Doctor Klimpel for this new task within the Airnergy AG. Just as well does her broad knowledge as an expert especially in the domains of Neurology (Multiple Sclerosis, Psychometry), Gynaecology (Hormone Replacement Therapy, Fertility Assessment), Dermatology (Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis, methods of dermatological assessment) as well as basic scientific evaluations of Surrogate-Parameters. In her last position in the field of strategic planning/Portfolio Management Doctor Klimpel also was charged with process control of strategic decisive analyses in research and development and with the evaluation of the strategic options of market products.

“I look forward to my cooperation with AIRNERGY because I realize the great potential of this company and of the Airnergy therapy. Furthermore I recognize, for myself, a precious chance to fully exploit my competences and to extend my knowledge with regard to Complementary and Alternative Medicine” states Doctor Klimpel.

„Our scientific orientation and the objective to provide even more medical effectiveness-evi-dence does now stand, thanks to the excellent qualification and experience of Doctor Susanne Klimpel, on a solid footing”, states Guido Bierther, founder and chairman of the supervisory board of the AIRNERGY AG and business executive of AIRNERGY International GmbH, the latter being exclusively in charge of global expansion.

“I refer to myself as being a medical doctor and scientist. Together with AIRNERGY, it is my ambitious future goal to achieve even better acknowledgement and acceptance of the Spirovital-Therapy”, Doctor Klimpel accentuates.

About AIRNERGY: AIRNERGY has pioneered the development of a process to improve metabolism and cellular respiration. In other words, a progression of oxygen-therapies known so far as AIRNERGY neither increases the Oxygen-concentration nor ionizes or feeds ozone. Enriched with energy, the air is breathed-in via a nasal canula. AIRNERGY may enable the body to utilize more oxygen. The positive influence on important medical parameters such as heart frequency variability and lactate production has been substantiated. AIRNERGY is pioneer of the Spirovital-Therapy, patent owner, market-leader and in use in more than 60 countries around the world.

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