Mexican government authorizes import of Airnergy products

Wednesday 26 October 2011

A long-lasting and successful partnership is what connects FRESH O2 and Airnergy. Patrick Wilczek, general manager of FRESH O2, recently expanded his business from the Spanish market to Mexico. After a very lengthy process and a repeated examination by an independent medical institute which met the extensive examination guidelines of the American FDA-authority, the official permission of the Mexican health authority has now been given.

The manager of FRESH O2 Mexico, Catalina Navarro Fierro, is proud of this achievement and satisfied that finally the Airnergy-energy-stations can now be delivered to a lot of customers of whom some were waiting for the device for several months. Guido Bierther (general manager of Airnergy) and his team are glad for Catalina Navarro Fierro and Patrick Wilczek that now the Mexican market has been opened for Airnergy products.

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