Paralympian Karen Darke recovering after cycling accident

Monday 16 December 2013

I'm just writing to let you know how I'm getting on with the Airnergy Stream device. My arm - according to the doctors, sports staff / coaches I work with, and my own observations - has made a remarkable recovery. Whilst not 100% yet it’s really well on the way and I'm confident that by racing season it will be back in good form. I've taken to 'sleeping with' the Stream! I'm not sure if you'd advise this but I place it on the rear of my injured shoulder (the brachial plexus area) when I go to sleep and then usually unplug it at some point if I wake up in the night... It's getting a good 4 hours of Streaming a night, which I can only assume has helped (I assume I can't overdo it but let me know if I can!)


I also used the Stream on the muscles and tendons around my elbow last week as I was developing tennis elbow (got worse during training sessions). With ice after training, and then the Stream, it took only 3 days to settle down.

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