Airnergy nominated in the United States

Monday 26 August 2013

The committee of the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences tested Airnergy in America, and then visited the production site in Hennef near Bonn. Joe Cinque himself, president of the academy, came to see us with two other officials of the Academy. In a video statement during his visit to Hennef he said: "This is an absolutely new world. It is about a very special product. And even produced here in Germany. “Made in Germany“ still happens to be the best. The Airnergy team has a slogan, "We have a dream." Well, I think it is no longer a dream, it‘s a reality."


Following the inspection in Hennef, Airnergy has been nominated for the "Five Star Diamond Award" in the category "Green". It‘s only the second time that this award for environmentally friendly and sustainable energy resources will be presented worldwide. The festive awards ceremony will be held in New York. "In the States, this is a highly estimated award. The prize-giving would be a valuable contribution to significantly increase the level of awareness of Airnergy in the U.S.," says company founder Guido Bierther. In Europe, on the other hand, the medial perception is still modest, as editors and publishers are still shying away from methods such as Airnergy. "The Five Star Diamond Award would help here a little, having mostly been presented to global players such as Mercedes, Audi or Kempinski in the past; but as is often the case, innovative products are successful in the United States first and then go the big step overseas to Germany. Either way, we are grateful for any recognition of our small, revolutionary private health care system."

Apart from the official recognition as a certified medical product in 2010, the Airnergy Spirovital method has been awarded several international industry awards such as:  in 2010, the European Health & Spa Award in the category Innovation;  in 2012, also in the category Innovation, the international "Senses Award" as well as the Century Award of the committee of Europe's leading health and fitness magazine.  No other product, no other brand, no other company has ever received such a prize.  Airnergy is now looking towards New York - full of confidence and joy.

Watch the video of Joseph Cinque, CEO of  the "American Academy of Hospitality Sciences", on the Five Star Diamond Award during his inspection at the Airnergy headquarters in Hennef, here:

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