First Airnergy respiratory leisure-center inaugurated in China

Saturday 12 March 2011

Especially in Asia breathing air enriched by the AIRNERGY-method is well appreciated. Inhabitants of overcrowded Asian cities describe the air that they breathe as becoming more and more visible. As a consequence, nothing is considered more important for their health, for their future, than a best possible degree of purity of their breathing air.

And so it happened that the first Airnergy-respiratory leisure-center was inaugurated on a 1500 m2 area in the 10-million-metropole of Guangzhou over week-end last. This largest Airnergy-center in the world, this center of energy, has been realized under the responsibility of Wen Xiaoqiang, President (35). Being an health-care expert and successful entrepreneur to the Chinese health-care system, Wen Xiaoqiang compared and tested – over the last years – almost all of the technologies and products that pursue one goal: to help men breathe more effectively and to optimize their oxygen utilization.

Prior to the official inauguration, some hundred guests and clients attended the traditional lion dance said to bring good luck to important events in China. Mr. Wen and Mr. Bierther than cut the red ribbon in the presence of Chinese officials.

Now, energy-stations made by AIRNERGY are at anybody’s disposal in a considerable number of rooms where seating and lying accommodation is offered in changing atmospheres. Education- and auditory rooms invite all those who are interested in the Airnergy respiratory technology. A team of more than 100 sales assistants stands ready to give advice and support.

Especially those clients that had been part of a test group were grateful and convinced. These study-participants had regularly applied the Airnergy-method over a period of 6 months. They handed over traditional Chinese gifts to initiator Wen Xiaoqiang and to the founder of the AIRNERGY-Group Guido Bierther and expressed – heartily – their congratulations.

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