Airnergy news: Olympic gold at Airnergy - Paralympics-star Heinrich Popow visits Hennef

Wednesday 12 December 2012

In 12 December 2012 the winner of the London 2012 Paralympics talked about his successes and the necessary training. Heinrich Popow has been using the Airnergy spirovitalisation since the 2004 Paralympics in Athens, parallel to his training, and has been a regular user of Airnergy for a long time.


To the question about the secret of Airnergy Popow answered open and relaxed in front of the running camera: “I cannot explain the effect of Airnergy from a medical view. I don't care and I don´t have to - as long as I feel good with it and it brings me and my team to the top in training and contest."


Heinrich had brought along his gold medal from London; of course every present person was allowed to touch it.


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