Airnergy is reputable, efficient and profitable

Friday 19 January 2007

Press Statement from Dr. Wolfgang Grebe, Chairman of the BDI (Professional Association of German Internists) in Hessen

"During the Internist-Congress from 03 - 05 November 2006 in Fulda, the Chairman Dr. Wolfgang Grebe of the BDI (Professional Association of German Internists) in Hessen, stated the following about the Airnergy Respiratory Air Therapy:

In times of permanent budgeting and rationing within medical surgeries the special health supporting benefits (IGeL) have become most important for every physician to survive. Especially those treatment therapies that get the most attention which have the best profit for patient, doctor and health care system.

Within the Airnergy endurance study in cooperation with the German Handball Association (DHB) it could be determined that by breathing the metabolised oxygen before the physical exsursion, amateur athletes with treadmill experience economized their metabolic activity (Decrease of the blood lactate level and of the heart rate with identical treadmill impact).

This is the reason why the Airnergy Respiratory Air Therapy is a reputable, efficient and profitable IGeL system (special health supporting benefit) to ensure the future and quality of all medical surgeries."

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