Airnergy Stream Therapy in Mastodynia Treatment

Thursday 30 April 2015

Twenty-nine patients suffering from chronic unilateral, non-cyclical idiopathic or fibroadenotic mastodynia were treated by a new method called Dermovital therapy using the Airnergy Stream device. The device, generating biophotons was placed on the aching area of the breast for 20 minutes. A double blind, placebocontrolled prestudy yielded effectiveness in the verum group, exclusively.

After one treatment only, 18 patients (62%) were free of pain for up to one year and an additional five patients following two to four treatments. Relief of pain was observed in four cases and no influences on pain level in two cases resulting in an overall improvement rate of 93%. Therefore, Dermovital therapy proved to be a simple and effective method without side effects for mastodynia treatment.


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