163 different symptoms in 22 countries were observed and studied

Tuesday 27 September 2011

With the help of Prof. Dr. Klaus Jung, head of the Airnergy scientific council, and the clinical pharmacologist, Dr. Susanne Kimpel, the first edition of the medical-scientific Compendium on the topic of the current level of research concerning the Airnergy Spirovital-Therapy was ready to be published.

Reports of patient’s and therapist’s experiences from 22 countries regarding a total of 163 different symptoms were collected. The Compendium evaluates these from a medical-scientific point of view. It is scientifically valid that the usage of AIRNERGY increases the production of energy (forming of ATP) in the mitochondrion (power station of the cell) as well as the oxidative capacity because of a decrease in the production of free radicals (harmful oxygen radicals). For the Spirovital-Therapy to widely be acknowledged among experts from orthodox medicine the central question to answer is how AIRNERGY functions. Regarding this question three formulations of theories could clearly be defined: the increase of 2,3-biophosphoglycerat in the erythrocytes, a higher production of ATP and the obstruction of NADPH-oxidase. Prof. Jung said “The experience of several million treatments has shown its effects on energetic disorders in the organism. Now there finally is a clear theoretical idea to the physical-biochemical approach of the spirovital-therapy. This basic therapy is suitable for almost all chronic diseases especially for those going hand in hand with a lack of energy. It is more and more accepted among experts from orthodox medicine as an additional method for follow-up-treatment, neutralization of unwelcomed side effects of invasive therapy methods but mainly to support conventional methods.”

Ask AIRNERGY for the Compendium as pdf file.

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