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Airnergy spurs on Formula 1 star Rubens Barrichello

With 270 Formula 1 starts under his belt, 36-year-old Brazilian Rubens Barrichello is not only the oldest driver on the circuit, but has also made the highest number of appearances in motor sport’s premier event.


Physical fitness, excellent concentration levels and quick reactions are required of drivers to gain their F1 super licence from the FIA. Rubens Barrichello is currently demonstrating that he can meet these requirements and is still able to produce top-class performances, although for many who had already written him off after the 2008 season, this is quite a surprise. He has put in commanding performances in almost all the winter test events and again today during official training for the opening race of the season in Melbourne, Australia. 1st place in the first training session and 2nd place in the second; coming in ahead of the greats, including Ferrari, Mercedes-McLaren, BMW and Toyota, the result is one which left experts and journalists amazed.


Included in his luggage is his AIRNERGY energy station. Designed to his own specifications and including his personal logo, the devices were developed by AIRNERGY AG in Germany. The relaxing application should help support his concentration levels during the 18 stress-filled racing weekends and is scientifically proven to improve safety behind the wheel. It also speeds up regeneration and lowers the heart rate, thus helping to lighten the load at the start of the race.


The National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) confirmed back in December 2008 that Airnergy is not subject to doping regulations because of the special way in which it works. This is why some of his colleagues on the circuit also use Airnergy, but prefer not to talk too much about the competitive advantage it gives them. "Gentlemen, start your engines."


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