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Airnergy - A technology which reflects nature

Airnergy technology uses one of nature’s processes which has existed for millions of years, i.e. photosynthesis in green leaves.

"Since 2000 the Airnergy Company has been manufacturing breathing devices for preventative, therapeutic and complementary / medical use.


For the first time this form of therapy utilised the previously unexploited biochemical behaviour of natural oxygen in the air and made it technically available for humans. With unexpectedly positive affects upon the human self-healing process, Airnergy bravely entered new medical territory and with outstanding success. As in all that is original and natural, the maximum potential of the effect lies in its simplicity.

The breathing device sucks in ambient air via an external air filter, which also acts as a dust and bacterial filter, on the rear of the device and carries it under the effect of light of a defined wavelength through specially-coated catalyst.
This process is described as a chemical luminescence process and converts the oxygen present in the air from the triplet state (3O2, non-reactive) into singlet oxygen (1O2, reactive).

The air then flows through a glass bottle filled with water to be humidified. The thus humidified air passes once again through Airnergy catalysts. Within < 0.23 msec. the oxygen in the water reverts to its original state, the triplet state. The energy that is released on return to the triplet state is absorbed by the water molecules, which are excellent reaction partners for 1O2 states. Since singlet oxygen is stable for hours in air but only for fractions of milliseconds in water, a reaction of the singlet oxygen with the O-H group of the water is probable. The energy is therefore directly transferred to the water molecules.

Consequently water molecules are of elementary importance in the Airnergy principle: in summary it can be stated that, because of the short-lived dwell time of oxygen in the singlet stage in an aqueous environment, the inhalation of excited oxygen can be ruled out.

The energy that is released is taken up by the surrounding water. Consequently atmospheric oxygen is inhaled, enriched with energised water molecules (Hottenrott et al.). The air humidified with water (H20) in the Airnergy device flows at a rate of approximately 4 l/min through a stainless steel adaptor on the front of the housing, to which a nasal cannula can be connected."

Dr. med. Susanne Klimpel
Specialist in Clinical Pharmacology 
Medical and Scientific Compendium Spirovital Therapy with Airnergy. December 2011.

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