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Airnergy - A technology which reflects nature

Airnergy is an innovative inhalation therapy. As opposed to conventional oxygen therapies, Airnergy energy therapy does not burden the body with unnaturally high concentrations of oxygen but improves the bioavailability of the natural oxygen content in the air that we breathe. Metabolism is optimised and regeneration processes are triggered. Airnergy opens up an enormous therapeutic and preventive potential.


The principle of Airnergy is unique and has international patent protection. By means of a chemo-luminescence process (similar to photosynthesis) the oxygen in the air is converted into a form that is more “suitable for the body” and can be better utilised by the organism.


Our approach is sensible because the body’s own ability to utilise oxygen from the air that we breathe to form energy decreases the older we get and also if we are ill. Even healthy people only use a small part of the oxygen in the air for metabolism. In the case of older and sick people the proportion of utilised oxygen is even less. These people are no longer able to utilise the (over-rich) oxygen supply in the air they breathe to produce energy to an adequate degree.


This has negative consequences – a metabolism that lacks “fuel” runs on low. A metabolism such as this does not work properly, but instead is ineffective and out of balance. As a result of this disturbed metabolism harmony the anti-oxidative capacity of the organism is weakened. This eventually leads to a situation where oxidative processes are favoured – the body is put under oxidative stress.


The Airnergy technology provides the necessary balance. It ensures that the air oxygen can be better utilised by the organism. Oxygen utilisation in the organism is increased in a physiological manner. Metabolic processes are optimised and harmonised and regeneration processes are kick-started. By supporting the anti-oxidative processes, cell damage by free radicals is prevented.


Pure biophysics


Just how does this innovative technology work? To explain it in simple terms – activated air oxygen is generated in the Airnergy unit. The energy from this oxygen is transported to the body with the help of moisture in the air where it improves the body’s utilisation of oxygen.


Through a process similar to photosynthesis, oxygen is continuously converted into the singlet state. In the unit the singlet state (1Δ2) of O2 reacts back into the triplet basic state which occurs naturally in the air (3Σ2). The energy that is released during this conversion back to the triplet state is immediately absorbed by water molecules in the (moist) air that is breathed in. The user breathes in these activated water molecules – and not activated oxygen states – via a lightweight nasal cannula. In the organism the Airnergy energy improves oxygen utilisation and the anti-oxidative capacity - this can be measured. It is still not completely clear just how the energy of the water molecules is transformed into metabolic energy. Many findings would suggest that the energy-rich water molecules carry their energy/information to points in the body where the organism activates oxygen itself in order to utilise it, or its energy, for metabolic reactions. Important “points” in these terms are the surface films (surfactants) in the alveoli, the interstitial, intravasal and intracellular fluids as well as the fluid membranes of the cells and mitochondria.


Dr. Claudia Schollmann

Published “Die Naturheiklkunde”


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